Stokke Xplory

The Stokke Xplory is a stroller which offers brilliant adjustable seat depth cushion, adjustable seat height and a reversible seat. The stroller would only take up a decent amount of space but it is easy to turn and manoeuvre. The Stokke Xplory is known for its premium materials and its fancy look. A wonderful feature is the elevation of the seat and the height of the handle which allows you to interact with your child and push the stroller with a better posture. The stroller is suitable from new born to toddlers who are 15kg. The Stokke Xplory is part of a travel system when combined with a car seat. It offers a wide range of colours from your plain old black to a bright red. It has multiple parent and forward facing pram seat positions.



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The Best Portacot in Australia – Nuna Sena Portacot

The Best Portacot in Australia – Nuna Sena PortacotFor some people, buying a portacot means buying the cheapest one possible.  There’s no issues there, it still would meet Australian safety standards.  However, the cheaper ones tends to be rather difficult to fold and open.  It also would have less padding on the mattress.  It may also weight more than the better portacots and... Read More »

The best Italian made cot designed in Australia

The best Italian made cot designed in AustraliaIt’s kinds of weird that an award winning designer from Australia has to get his product made in Italy.  Australia has a fantastic reputation for it’s primary produce, however, Australian manufacturing product are not so sought after.  Just like the primary products, it’s the Australian quality that people like, not that’s it’s cheaper, in fact... Read More »

Dwinguler Bubba Mat – perfect playtime with baby

To interact and play with baby means you need to be on the floor with them, at their height.  Playing on the timber floor is hard on the knees, the tile is also cold.  Carpet sound like a good idea, but it could be very dirty breathing so close to the ground and you can... Read More »

Best Travel Stroller 2017

Best Travel Stroller 2017Travel is getting serious, and so is travelling with a baby.  Airports are also getting bigger, so having a stroller with you at all time before and after boarding the plane is essential.  To archive this, you really need to have the stroller with you at all times.  I mean, take the stroller on-board with... Read More »

Babyletto Hudson and Babyletto Lolly

Babyletto Hudson and Babyletto LollyThe Babyletto has finally arrived in Australia from the USA. A popular designer style baby furniture range from US with much lowers prices than the high end European designs.  This not to say you should buy Babyletto because you can’t afford brands such as Stokke, Leander, Bloom or Alondra, but because it has a normal... Read More »

Hiring a Baby Capsule

Hiring a Baby CapsuleBaby capsule are getting rather popular at the moment. We’re all busy, so I can see the appeal of having a baby in a capsule, rather than a traditional rearward facing car seat. Here are my reason to hiring a baby capsule: We really only use a capsule for 6 months.  You can keep it... Read More »

Bumbleride Indie Stroller – the ultimate urban all terrain

Bumbleride Indie Stroller – the ultimate urban all terrainThe new Bumbleride Indie is truly an all terrain urban stroller. OK, so you can get smaller stroller that are lighter and easier to navigate around busy city streets.  However, can those tiny wheels go out on the park or beaches? The Bumbleride Indie is just a little bit smaller than the jogging strollers, but... Read More »

Joolz Day Tailor Stroller

Joolz Day Tailor StrollerWe love the Joolz range of strollers.  Even better now is the ability to customise your Joolz Day strollers.  Yes, that right!  Just like a tailor made suit, get a tailor made stroller. The stroller is called the Joolz Day Tailor.  The Joolz Day model is the single seat model, as oppose to their other... Read More »